DeSantis’ Office Dispels Rumors Of Kidnapping Migrants

( After Democrat politicians and the corporate news media accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of misleading the 50 illegal aliens sent to Martha’s Vineyard, the governor’s office hit back, telling reporters that the so-called “migrants” were informed in advance of their destination and given days to decide whether they wanted to travel there.

In a call with reporters last Monday, officials in the governor’s office explained that the illegal aliens were “given multiple opportunities” to decide whether to board the flights or stay behind.

The “migrants” were given packets that directed them to local refugee and shelter resources and a map showing Martha’s Vineyard marked with a red star.

Multiple media outlets also claimed that the illegals were told by Florida officials that they were being sent to Boston, not Martha’s Vineyard, with the promise of jobs.

The official from the governor’s office said those allegations were also untrue.

The official told reporters that the illegals were given several days to decide if they wanted to make the trip or go somewhere else. Some of the “migrants” ultimately decided to stay behind in Texas.

Once aboard the flights, the illegals were provided with snacks, water, and information obtained from the official Massachusetts website that described the benefits available to illegals in the sanctuary state.

The officials told reporters that the illegals sent to Martha’s Vineyard had been homeless and malnourished in a Texas border town before being given shelter and time to decide whether or not to take the flights.

“We gave everybody a voluntary opportunity” to go to Martha’s Vineyard, one official explained, adding that the illegals were told on “multiple occasions prior to departure,” that their destination was Martha’s Vineyard.

Several Democrats, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, laughingly demanded the Justice Department investigate DeSantis, accusing the Florida Republican of “kidnapping” and human trafficking.