DeSantis Is About To Ship Illegals To Biden’s Front Door

( Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said on Wednesday that President Biden has “done more to help the cartels” with his embrace of radical open-border policies, noting that Americans are “bracing” for the administration’s repeal of Title 42 and warning that his administration plans to bus illegal immigrants dumped in Florida to Biden’s Delaware.

Americans are “waiting in anticipation” for the Biden administration to repeal Trump’s Title 42 at the southern border, making it easier for border officials to turn away illegal immigrants. The temporary restraining order prohibiting the Biden administration from repealing the regulation was renewed last week by a federal court in Louisiana.
DeSantis stated that “almost 2.5 million individuals” had unlawfully crossed the southern border since Biden took office, underlining the negative impact on Americans’ quality of life.

Desantis said we’d seen record levels of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and drug trafficking. To the point that fentanyl overdose is now the leading cause of death for those aged 18 to 45 in the United States of America.

He said that China might be creating fentanyl, but because of what Biden is doing, they’re taking it all the way across the southern border.

DeSantis said that even as horrible as those figures are, they were all achieved with Title 42 in place, and he is expecting an even larger influx of illegal immigrants after the law is repealed.

“You’re going to see a massive flow of people crossing the southern border, and we’ve taken action,” he added, recalling how Florida helped Texas deal with the migrant problem in their backyard last year.

DeSantis also chastised Biden for supporting Catch and Release, pointing out that Florida has taken legal action against it. The governor wants to approve a law that will continue to oppose the Biden administration’s open-border policy in the coming weeks.
DeSantis says that he will sign a measure in the coming few weeks that says if the federal government engages contractors to dump illegal aliens in Florida, those contractors lose their ability to do business with the state or local municipalities. And he’s not just going to do that, adding that if Biden tries to dump illegal immigrants in Florida, his administration will bus them to Delaware and other states.

The governor said that those border villages in southern Texas are simply getting wiped out. Biden should be granted honorary membership in the Mexican drug cartels because, with his open-border policies, “no one has done more to support the cartels than Biden.”