DeSantis Booster Prediction Happens, Media Hardest Hit

( Back on November 4, in a press conference announcing that Florida will fight President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, Governor Ron DeSantis warned that the government would eventually move the goalposts and expand the definition of “unvaccinated” to include anyone who hasn’t received a COVID booster shot. DeSantis said it was only a matter of time before those who haven’t gotten the booster shot would also be fired from their job.

Naturally, the media was aghast.

The UK Independent even ran a “fact check” titled “DeSantis Falsely Claims Vaccinated Citizens Without Boosters Could Be Declared Unvaccinated and Lose Their Jobs.”

How do you “fact-check” a prediction? How can you assert that a prediction is “false?”

Well, it turns out, DeSantis’ prediction wasn’t as false as the UK Independent wanted it to be.

On Tuesday, Axios ran a story headlined “Omicron fuels the case for COVID boosters” in which the author explained that experts believe a booster shot may soon be required for someone to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

The director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota told Axios that it was “abundantly clear” that everyone needs to get a booster shot.

The chairman of the UCSF Department of Medicine told Axios that he expected vaccine mandates would soon include a required booster.


Is the UK Independent going to run a fact check saying “Experts Falsely Claim Boosters May Be Required to be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated?’” Probably not.

Ron DeSantis isn’t Nostradamus. But he doesn’t have to be. Just like the rest of the country, DeSantis has watched what has happened over the last nearly two years.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that the goalposts are never going to stop moving.

Before September, the President, the Speaker of the House, and the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci assured the country that the government would never mandate vaccines.


Then Joe Biden mandated vaccines.

To think for even one moment that the government wouldn’t change the definition of “unvaccinated” to include those who haven’t received the booster shot is deeply naïve.

The media might be naïve. But Ron DeSantis is not.