Dershowitz: CNN Fired Chris Cuomo, but He Was the Wrong Person

( Famed Constitutional scholar and lawyer Alan Dershowitz, writing for Newsmax last week, claimed that CNN fired the wrong person when they suspended and later terminated controversial news anchor Chris Cuomo.

In the piece, published December 7, he said that not a single CNN viewer felt as though they were misled by what Cuomo did on behalf of his brother as almost everyone knew that he was a “loyal brother first.”

He added that anybody who has seen the “Chris-Andy” interviews, that he called a “lovefest,” would have expected “about as much objectivity as Bobby Kennedy had when he was John Kennedy’s attorney general.”

And if you haven’t seen those interviews in a while, let us jog your memory. This is a classic one from May of last year, and sees Chris Cuomo poking fun at his brother using a giant swab that is used for COVID-19 testing.

Would you seriously expect objectivity from this guy? No, probably not.

“CNN viewers got exactly what Jeff Zucker, the boss, wanted them to get: an intimate, insider look into the Cuomo brothers and how they were dealing with the governor’s problems,” Dershowitz added.

So when it turned out that Chris was helping his brother, he said, nobody was surprised – and that it would have actually been more shocking to learn that he hadn’t helped him.

Arguing that viewers aren’t as unintelligent as Zucker seems to think, he said that firing Chris after his brother has already left office did nothing to undo any of the alleged lack of neutrality. Instead, he said it is simply punishment for past acts that were already known by Zucker – and that the CNN owner should be far more concerned about the misleading of millions of Americans on all manner of topics instead.

He’s right, isn’t he? Perhaps it shouldn’t be Chris Cuomo who was fired…but Jeff Zuckerberg.

Read the full piece here.