Dershowitz: Bishop Tutu Was a Dangerous Antisemite

( Last week, South African Anglican Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu died at the age of 90. And while many remembered Tutu for his legacy in defeating Apartheid and standing up for human rights, attorney Alan Dershowitz, writing at the Gatestone Institute noted that Tutu was also known for his long history of hatred toward the Jewish people.

According to Dershowitz, not only was Tutu an anti-Semite, he “actively promoted” and legitimized anti-Semitism among his followers and admirers alike.

In addition to minimizing the Holocaust, Dershowitz writes, Tutu also attacked the “Jewish lobby” for being too powerful and “scary.” He also had a habit of using anti-Semitic stereotypes and tropes about Jewish arrogance, power, and money. Tutu was also known to accuse Jews of being the cause of many of the world’s problems.

Dershowitz argues that Tutu’s many good deeds should not be used to shield him from accountability over his long history of anti-Semitism. Instead, Dershowitz believes history should judge both the good and the bad of Desmond Tutu’s life, especially since Tutu has become a role model for so many throughout the world.

Dershowitz then chronicles the many examples of Tutu’s bigoted remarks, his dismissal of the Holocaust, and his use of anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist tropes.

Like the members of the Squad, Tutu routinely accused Israel of practicing the same apartheid as South Africa. And, like the Squad, he claimed that Israel would “perpetrate genocide and exterminate all Palestinians.” He had also compared Israel to Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union.

On the one hand, Tutu accused the Jews of thinking they have a monopoly on God, while on the other hand, he claimed that God sides with the Palestinians over Israel.

Dershowitz points out that Tutu zeroed in on Israel far more than the actual genocidal regimes like those in Rwanda, Darfur, and Cambodia.

He concludes his column by saying the world needs to recognize that Archbishop Tutu wasn’t a saint and for Jews, “he is an unrepentant sinner.”