Democrats Unveil New Rule Allowing Children To Get “Secret” Gender Operations Without Parental Consent

( A pro-family think tank group warned Wednesday that a bill backed by more than a dozen Delaware State House Democrats would allow minors to choose to undergo sex modifications and abortion operations without their parent or guardian’s knowledge.

House Bill 400, which is presently being considered, would address the impediment of insured dependents and other insured members receiving confidential, sensitive health care services without the knowledge of the insured policyholder.

According to the bill’s description, “the absence of confidentiality for sensitive health care services can often result in covered individuals just avoiding critical health treatment.”

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker highlighted how the measure would supposedly allow the operations to be performed secretly. He was joined by the American Principles Project founder Terry Schilling.

Carlson told Schilling that If there was ever an effort to destroy the nuclear family this obvious, “we’re not aware of what it might be.”

Schilling said his organization is forming the “NRA for Families” to fight such legislation, alluding to the pro-Second Amendment group’s influence in Fairfax, Va.

Schilling said that In the end, it would be about parents regaining direct control over their children’s education. When these people harm families, we must make them pay a political price.

The measure, according to Schilling, is “another step in the national Democratic objective to “abolish” the nuclear family, with leftists sometimes framing the trend as “liberating children from parental restraints… and tyranny.”

He said it would ruin the country and the economy.

Carlson went on to say that much of the Democratic left’s social justice movement is symptomatic of individuals who “hate their dads.” Their politics are based on that, but it doesn’t give them the right to meddle with our children.

According to Schilling, leftists in Dover and elsewhere have established an “environment” of indoctrinated progressivism because youngsters are inherently open to ideas and beliefs.

He noted that children who traditionally believe in Santa Claus are more likely to choose gender reassignment surgery or abortion on their own.

Carlson subsequently noted that this is precisely why, in recent years, millions of American parents have pulled their children out of public schools in favor of alternative education.