Democrats Turn On Late Ruth Ginsburg For Not Retiring Soon Enough

( Democrats all over the country are outraged after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which now means women don’t have federal protections for abortions.

In the days following the ruling, liberals have spoken out and protested. Now, some are even turning inward, placing blame on leaders of the Democratic Party for not doing enough to protect abortion rights when they had the chance.

Two prominent former leaders who are the target of this ire are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late Supreme Court justice, and former President Barack Obama.

Ginsburg suffered from ailments for years, but she never stepped down from her role on the Supreme Court. She died in 2020, leaving then-President Donald Trump with the opportunity to name a replacement for her, which ended up being conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett — who sided with other conservative justices in overturning Roe.

Had Ginsburg decided to step aside before Trump took control of the White House in early 2017, Obama may have had the chance to appoint her replacement. In that scenario, abortion rights may have survived.

Many liberals took to social media over the last few days to criticize Gingsburg’s decision not to step aside, even though she’s no longer around to defend herself. One of those people was Scott Feinberg, a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, who tweeted:

“RBG was a hero for many reasons. But the terrible irony is that her decision to stay too long at the party helped lead to the destruction of one of the things she cared about the most. Sadly, this will be a big part of her legacy.”

Not all of the liberal vitriol was aimed at Ginbsburg, though. Many people criticized Obama for not taking advantage of having both chambers of Congress controlled by Democrats when he entered the White House in 2009. While Republicans eventually gained control of Congress toward the end of Obama’s time in office, there were a few years at least when he could’ve pushed to codify federal abortion rights into law.

One person to point this out on Twitter was Dr. Jorge A. Caballero, who wrote:

“So many of you seem to conveniently forget that on January 20, 2009 the Democratic Party controlled the

  • White House (Obama)
  • U.S. Senate (57 seats)
  • U.S. House (257 Dem seats vs. 178 GOP seats)

Securing abortion rights, voting rights, reforming immigration didn’t happen.”

Adding fuel to the liberal fire is that an old article from Reuters that was published in April of 2009 resurfaced this week. In it, Obama was quoted as saying that he was in favor of women having the federal right to abortion, but that it wasn’t among his top priorities.

He was afraid, apparently, of “inflaming divisions over the issue.”

Now, 13 years later, you have to wonder whether he’s kicking himself for not doing more. If Obama didn’t feel this way before this week, many liberals are doing their best to bring it to his attention now.