Democrats Try To DISSAPEAR Proposal Targeting Parents!

( Virginia Democrats are trying to make controversy over a law disappear. Democratic delegate Elizabeth Guzman reportedly proposed a bill that would make it a misdemeanor or felony if a parent misgendered their child or did not affirm their sexuality, according to the Daily Caller.

Guzman wanted to reintroduce the 2020 bill that expanded the state’s definition of child abuse to include parents who do not support their child’s gender identity. Now, however, Guzman is attempting to walk back on her statements, citing mischaracterized reports of the bill from WJLA. But her comments on the matter to the outlet were clear.

“If the child shares with those mandated reporters what they are going through, we are talking about not only physical abuse or mental abuse, what the job of that mandated reporter is to inform Child Protective Services,” Guzman initially told WJLA.

“It could be a felony, it could be a misdemeanor, but we know that CPS charge could harm your employment, could harm their education, because nowadays many people do a CPS database search before offering employment,” Guzman continued.

Guzman, with the aid of the Washington Post, claims that WJLA are misrepresenting her bill.

“I will not let my record be distorted by anyone and I will always stand up to Republican attacks against our children,” she said.

One psychologist who was working alongside Guzman apparently disappeared after the article from WJLA was published. During an episode of the podcast “Out. What Now?”, National Association of School Psychologists leader Amy Cannava stated that the goal of the bill was to “make it illegal to not affirm” a child’s gender. Now the episode has been deleted.

“I’ve been working with a Senator — no a representative — in a small district that I’m not a resident of. And she is a former social worker and has her clinical degree and recognizes the abuse and long-term harm caused by not affirming your kids. So we were working on a child protection bill that would make it illegal to not affirm,” Cannava said on the podcast.

Other Democrats are also against this bill. Democratic House Minority Leader Don Scott Jr. said that the bill would be “dead on arrival.” Rep. Abigail Spanberger wrote a statement denouncing the legislation.

“I don’t support this legislation, and it does not have a path forward in the General Assembly,” Spanberger said. “It’s unclear how this proposed legislation intends to actually help transgender children and their families, which is what we should focus on.”

“Democrats may want to run from Guzman’s bill, but we’re not going to let them gaslight the citizens of Virginia into thinking that the bill does not do exactly what Guzman said on camera,” Ian Prior, the executive director of the group “Fight for Schools” said. “It makes it illegal for parents not to affirm their child’s claimed ‘gender identity.’”