Democrats Surge Ahead In Both National Average Polls For First Time This Year

( For the first time since last November, both the Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight generic congressional polling averages put Democrats over Republicans by a tiny margin last week.

In last Tuesday’s FiveThirtyEight generic congressional ballot average, Democrats led Republicans by 0.3 percent, 43.8 percent to 43.5 percent.

By the weekend, FiveThirtyEight’s average had Democrats up a whopping 0.5 percent over Republicans.

Meanwhile, the RCP average had Democrats 1 point over Republicans 44.1 percent to 43.1 percent. But the lead didn’t last long.

On Saturday, RCP had Democrats and Republicans tied at 43.9 percent.

By this week, the RCP Average had Republicans up over Democrats 44.2 percent to 44 percent.

A tight horserace like this is not unheard of in late summer before a midterm election, as most poll respondents are reacting to whatever issue is driving the current news cycle.

What matters more is how these numbers will shake out once we get past September and more voters begin focusing on the November election.

But for Democrats and the media, desperate for good news, this wee little shift was no doubt a cause for celebration.

The wildcard in this will be the public’s response to the news that President Biden just saddled the middle class with a $300 billion taxpayer-funded student loan bailout.

If Republicans go hard on this controversial and unconstitutional move, the generic congressional ballot could heavily shift back in their favor.