Democrats Pushing D.C. Statehood

( Democrats are pushing ahead with their radical plans to turn Washington, D.C. into a state, despite the nation’s founding including specific provisions to ensure that D.C. is not legally treated as a state.

It’s part of a wider push by far-left Democrats to pack Congress with more Senators, knowing that the population living in Washington, D.C. is overwhelmingly left-wing.

Think of it as packing the Supreme Court, but with Congress. Are you looking forward to a dystopian future of permanent Democrat rule?

The House Oversight Committee, which is controlled by Democrats, this week approved a bill that would turn Washington, D.C. into the 51st state. It means that it could be sent to a floor vote as early as next week.

Now, the only thing standing in the way of the legislation being signed into law is the Senate filibuster, which requires legislation to achieve 60 votes to pass – with 10 of those votes, in this Senate, needing to come from Republicans.

Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, a Democratic representative from New York, made the politically charged claim that the United States “is the only democratic country that denies both voting rights in the national legislature and local self-government to the people of its capital.”

“And that is wrong. It violates everything we stand for as Americans,” Maloney falsely claimed, failing to recognize that D.C. was never intended to be a state from America’s founding.

If anything, residents of D.C. being unable to vote for Senate candidates is the most American thing possible.

Bill H.R. 51 would go about shrinking the size of Washington, D.C., to include only federal buildings and national monuments. They would include the White House, Capitol Building, Supreme Court, and so on. The rest of the city, which includes some residential properties, businesses, and offices, would then be turned into a tiny state.

Republicans have long argued if Democrats really want to ensure voting rights for the people of Washington, D.C., then a more constitutional option would be to add the residential areas of the nation’s capital city to the state of Maryland.

But that wouldn’t help the Democrats with their plan to add two more Democrat Senators to Congress.

Republican Representative James Comer, who represents Kentucky, said exactly that.

“Let’s be very clear what H.R. 51 is about,” he said. “It’s all about creating two new Democrat U.S. Senate seats.”

Congress established the federal district of Washington, D.C., in 1790 by taking land from Virginia and Maryland. But