Democrats Push Dangerous New Items Secretly In New Bill

( On Wednesday, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee released a “Waste Watch” outlining seven of the most egregious things in the Democrats’ monstrous spending bill.

Only seven?

At the top of their list is the revelation that, despite claiming that the “rich” were going to get soaked to pay for this monstrosity, the bill provides plenty of tax breaks and handouts to the wealthy and the elites – including tax breaks to private universities, all of whom are swimming in endowment cash.

The bill would also bail out corporate news organizations with up to 750 employees.

No wonder the media is all-in on this bill.

According to the Oversight Republicans, Biden’s “Build Back Better” Act is nothing but the Green New Deal by another name. Rather than “build back better,” it will kill small businesses and economic growth.

It includes a $3.5 billion spending provision for climate corps which Oversight Republicans describe as a “slush fund for jobless climate activists.” The bill will also funnel billions in subsidies to special interest groups.

Third, the $3.5 trillion monstrosity will “weaponize the IRS.” It would double the number of IRS agents in order to “target” American businesses and families. The bill would hand the IRS $80 billion – which is six times the IRS’ annual budget. It will also allow the IRS to monitor and track bank transactions without a warrant.

Speaking of the Green New Deal, the Oversight Republicans explain how the measures in this bill will destroy US energy independence – something President Biden has already made great strides in destroying.

The bill includes taxes on natural gas – the source of home heating for the majority of American families. It will divert taxpayer dollars exclusively into renewable technologies while completely ignoring more reliable, safer energy sources like nuclear power and natural gas.

And of course, hidden in the bill is a provision to give blanket amnesty to over eight million illegal aliens.

The monster bill will provide a slush fund for the far-Left’s “socialist pet projects.” This includes $20 billion dollars for the National Climate Bank, $200 million in payouts to Speaker Pelosi’s district, and $25 million for butterfly, freshwater mussels, and desert fish populations.

Finally, Oversight Republicans explain that this massive spending bill will “leave rural America behind.”

Despite its massive price tag, there are no funds for programs geared to rural communities like “the commodity safety net, crop insurance, broadband, or disaster assistance.” Nor is there anything in this bill that addresses the actual concerns or issues that matter to the American people.

Read the complete “Waste Watch” report HERE.