Democrats Pass Vote To Suspend Debt Ceiling In House

( )- On Wednesday, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted 219-212 to suspend the debt ceiling until December 16, 2022.

Every Republican member of the House voted no – given that the Democrats may use that suspended debt ceiling to spent extraordinary sums of money on meaningless, virtue-signaling social projects – except for one.

Adam Kinzinger.

There were also two Democrats brave enough to stand up to far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and vote “No” with the Republicans. Those were Rep. Jared Golden and Rep. Kurt Schrader.

The decision doesn’t mean that the debt ceiling has been raised, however, as there is an insufficient number of Republicans at this stage willing to vote with the Democrats on passing something so extreme.

Far-left Speaker Pelosi claimed after the vote that the Democratic Party is “for the people” and that they will “never let the full faith and credit of the United States be questioned.”

If that’s the case, why didn’t they vote to raise the debt ceiling and for a shorter period of time?

Why suspend it entirely for more than a year?

And why not advocate spending less, avoiding new debts, and stopping far-left social spending plans that will only worsen the inflation crisis and make goods and services more expensive for everyday Americans?

Nancy Pelosi has this all backward.

We’ll update you when the bill goes through the Senate.