Democrats Freak Out After CNN Ratings Drop

( Ever since President Donald Trump left the White House, CNN has been looking for a new schtick. And now that the network’s ratings are plummeting – with big names like Brian Stelter struggling to pull in even 700,000 viewers at a time – the network’s presenters and personalities are getting all defensive.

That was especially true after former President Donald Trump mocked their plummeting ratings recently.

On Tuesday, amid a round of appearances, rallies, and interviews, the former president issued a statement taking aim at the far-left personalities and “reporters” at CNN. He specifically focused on Jake Tapper, and said that it’s a “wonderful” thing to see anchors like him watch their ratings drop by around 70%.

That’s what we call free-falling.

Tapper, who is generally considered to be the most popular journalist on CNN – and we use the word “journalist” loosely – hit back at the president. But he couldn’t say that the numbers were wrong.

In a tweet, Tapper wrongly claimed that the former president “incited and inspired a deadly insurrection” and even said that Trump tried to “undo” American democracy.

There’s no evidence of this, of course. Not only was the former president not convicted for the false charges made against him by the Democrats, namely that he inspired an insurrection, but he has fought tirelessly since the last presidential election to ensure election integrity.

That’s the opposite of undoing American democracy.

He said that if he’d have done the same thing, he might not be out there bragging about how many viewers it had.

You can see it in the tweet below.

No, it doesn’t make much sense to us either.

CNN knows about this dramatic drop in viewers, too. And they’re probably worried about it…even though Don Lemon said that he isn’t.

Lemon said in April that he’s not worried about the drop in viewers because it “beats the alternative,” which would be continued “lies, and bigotry, and hate.”

Yeah, right, Don.

CNN misses Donald Trump and everyone knows it.