Democrats Deploy Millions Of Dollars To Stop Trump’s Powerful Candidate

( Democrat Super PACs spend millions of dollars in Nevada to defeat Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo. Democrat donors have poured money into a slew of newly formed political action committees (PACs) criticizing the Clark County Sheriff.

According to a recent survey, According to a recent poll, Lombardo, who recently won Trump’s backing, leads the GOP primary field by roughly 20 points.

Trump said that as Governor, Joe would zealously defend our under-attack Second Amendment, oppose Sanctuary Cities, support our law enforcement, veto any liberal tax increase, protect life, and secure our elections. Joe Lombardo is the leader Nevada requires, and he wholeheartedly endorses him for Governor.

After Trump announced his endorsement of Joe Lombardo in late April, Democrats have spent millions on attack efforts. The “Stronger Nevada” PAC, for example, has vowed to spend $2.1 million on combatting Lombardo in the last weeks of the primary race.

Stronger Nevada has no social media presence or website but is affiliated with the Democrat Governors Association. Andrew Whalen and Jillian Edelman, both Democratic party insiders, are on the PAC’s staff.

The spouse of progressive Nevada Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui runs another PAC called “Patriot Freedom Fund.” The Patriot Freedom Fund sends mailings to Nevada Republicans falsely accusing Joe Lombardo of being soft on the Second Amendment.

Both PACs filed with Nevada’s Secretary of State after the first quarter fundraising deadline. Thus their financial information will not be made public until after the election.

According to Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald, state Democrats employ “sleazy, sneaky tactics to foment instability in our Republican primary.”

Nevada Governor Brian Sisolak, a Democrat, will seek re-election to a second term in November.

Since 2008, when Barrack Obama flipped the state, the state had voted for the Democratic candidate in presidential elections. That might soon change, as a recent survey shows Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by ten points in a possible 2020 rematch.