Democrats Demand New Deadline IN Trump Tax Returns Fight

( It is remarkable that the same party that howled with indignation at the mere thought that President Donald Trump would consider targeting his 2016 opponent with investigations and prosecution are still desperately hoping to target their political opponent with investigations and prosecution.

Despite his being out of office for nearly half a year, House Democrats, along with the Biden administration are still trying to go after former President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

They just can’t quit him.

The Democrats and the White House are proposing to let a federal judge know by July 30 whether or not they have reached an agreement over the Ways and Means Committee’s request for Trump’s tax returns.

Citing a provision in the tax code that requires Treasury to furnish tax returns sought by chairs of Congressional tax committees, back in 2019, House Ways and Means Chair Richard Neal (D-MA) requested Trump’s returns from the Treasury Department and IRS.

But the Trump Treasury Department refused to comply to Neal’s request and subsequent subpoenas. So the Ways and Means Committee filed a lawsuit to force the Trump administration to comply. This lawsuit remained pending by the time Joe Biden took office.

Thus far, the Biden Treasury Department has not said whether or not it will comply with Neal’s initial request. So Friday they requested an extension from the judge assigned to the case in hopes they could arrive at an agreement that would negate the need for the lawsuit to continue.

In their court filing on Friday, Trump’s lawyers said that if this July 30 extension is the last one the administration and the House are requesting, Trump’s legal team wants to be included in the discussions between Ways and Means and the Biden Administration so they have time to determine how they want to proceed in the case.

Trump appointee Trevor McFadden, the judge in the case, ordered the Biden administration to give Trump’s legal team 72 hours’ notice before providing any of President Trump’s tax returns to the committee.

Trump is out of office. Congress has no power to prosecute a private citizen. So what is the point of continuing this?

Are they really planning to impeach a private citizen for the second time in a year in hopes that this time the Senate convict him and thereby prevent Trump from running for President in 2024?

Or is it just that the Ways and Means Committee is hoping to have some juicy details to leak to the press?