Democrats Are Going Somewhere Else After Musk’s Twitter Purchase

( The 19FortyFive website reports that Twitter, the social networking site that tech tycoon Elon Musk recently acquired for $44 billion, is currently dealing with a significant exodus of users.

Data from Bot Sentinel, which monitors fraudulent activity on the site, shows that between October 27 and November 1, shortly after the tech entrepreneur acquired control of the business, over 877,000 accounts were suspended, and another 497,000 were deleted.

According to reports, that was more than twice as many as usual.

Additionally, Twitter is having trouble retaining its most engaged users, who are crucial to its operations. Even though less than 10% of monthly active “tweeters” are on the network, heavy users still produce 90% of all tweets. The platform’s global revenue may be impacted if those power users leave.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has experienced a significant exodus of users; many of President Donald Trump’s fans left after he was banned during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. These users switched to less popular social media platforms, including Telegram, Gab, MeWe, and Gettr.

Of course, Trump then launched Truth Social, but despite the former president expressing his daily thoughts, it has been unable to draw an audience, even a tiny portion of the size of Twitter.

Although the number of users on each site increased, none truly challenged Twitter. One problem has been the MAGA audience’s social media fragmentation because no one site was able to replace Twitter completely.

Due to their distaste for Musk and his practices, many more users have departed or threatened to do so. This predominantly liberal/leftist readership may be equally dispersed. Some people are switching to TikTok, Instagram, or even going back to Facebook.

The self-hosted social networking service Mastodon, which runs on free and open-source software, may stand to gain the most from this. German programmer Eugen Rochko created it as a platform that would be independent of any one organization.