Democrats Are Coming For Your Books, Report Suggests

Over the weekend, Abigail Shrier released “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” in Israel. 

The Israeli Left resorted to all available means to suppress the book and its author; The Left was infuriated by Shrier because she questioned some of the most cherished dogmas of the transgender movement, including her commonsense conclusion that the action is most likely the product of social contagion brought on by a popular culture and medical establishment that glorify transgenderism. 

Shrier’s book was released in Israel, a country with a population less than 1/50th that of the United States and where Amazon has a limited presence. The book was challenging to obtain in Israel since the two leading bookstore companies refused to stock it. 

It should be iterated that conservative initiatives to remove sexually explicit and scientifically questionable materials from classrooms and school libraries are not “book banning” in the classic sense but rather part of a legal process to select acceptable literature for America’s future leaders. Florida’s Barnes & Noble carries many resources for parents who want to educate their children on transgenderism.

Sunday night’s inaugural event in Tel Aviv was supposed to feature Shrier as a speaker, but organizers were forced to reschedule it twice because venues refused to be linked with her. She and her publisher compromised on a third, far more intimate location, which meant rejecting one hundred people. 

An “Anti-Transphobic Demonstration” group of transgender teenagers boasted, “following inquiries to the place…it canceled the event (which is totally a victory as far as we’re concerned)!” The transgender rights organization Ma’avarim was instrumental in planning the demonstration’s location.

Regarding the West’s ultimate purpose, the Israeli Left used to be dubious, but they actively cultivate it for their ends today. Haaretz reified this message in a hit piece article published shortly after Abigail Shrier’s event. Shrier’s views were mocked, claiming that they’ve been refuted. Activists’ descriptions of the book said the writing is an “attempt to murder trans people.”

Shrier’s correct use of the term “biological women” was placed in scare quotes, and the article made fun of her “small” venue and foreign audience. When all the most influential players in society united in pursuit of the same aim, the old-school Left used to be skeptical, but now they openly cheer it.