Democrats Are About To Give Trump Exactly What He Wanted

( In a column at the left-wing Atlantic, writer David A Graham tries to get the anti-Trump Resistance to lower its expectations that Donald Trump is going to get frog-marched into court and sent to jail over his role in the January 6 riot.

Graham suggests that the Resistance is getting too far out over its skis regarding the recent news last week that the January 6 select committee had filed a brief in federal court, falsely believing that this will be the thing that sends Trump to jail.

And while Graham does believe Donald Trump has done terrible things, like advancing the so-called “Big Lie” and, in Graham’s words, Trump’s “open attempt to steal the election,” or his “earlier sins such as his attempted blackmail of Ukraine,” Graham admits none of these are crimes. So the Resistance has to stop deluding itself that the way to stop Donald Trump’s political influence is through criminal prosecution.

And even if, somehow, all the stars align the way the Resistance wants, Graham explains, and Trump is indicted by the Justice Department, “it would take months if not years” for Trump to get what the Resistance believes is his just desserts.

Besides, Graham explains, if the DOJ charges Trump and he gets convicted on “something vague” like “conspiracy or fraud,” Trump wouldn’t be prevented from running for president in 2024.

Worse still, he explains, Trump could get acquitted. This would make Trump “a seemingly invincible hero.”

On top of that, Graham sadly notes, “a significant portion” of the country will continue to support Trump, and he “stands a good chance” of winning in 2024 if he runs again.

The long and short of it is, however much Graham agrees with the anti-Trump Resistance, he wants them to lower their expectations.

But Graham does throw his fellow Resistance members a bone, telling them that the January 6 select committee’s work “is not useless” because it will provide a “more complete picture” of what Graham calls “Trump’s attempted coup.”

Graham suggests that the Resistance give up its dreams of a Trump prosecution and settle for defeating him at the ballot box.