Democrat Who Caught COVID Without Masks Calls For Universal Mask Wearing

( The Texas Democrats who abandoned their jobs and fled the state aboard chartered planes bound for DC didn’t waste any time posting to Twitter photos of them making their escape. Eager for retweets and new followers, these flee-bag Democrats were all smiles as they posed for “selfies” aboard their private jets. And we knew they were all smiles because, despite Federal mask requirements on all planes, these flee-bagging Democrats were maskless.

They arrived in DC and were immediately feted by the DC media, Democrats and Congress. Vice President Kamala Harris even compared these fools to Frederick Douglass.

Perhaps Harris should have compared them to Typhoid Mary.

Within days, three of the Texas Dems tested positive for COVID-19.

Then two more test positive shortly after.

Then another one came down with it.

Six cases of COVID from the flee-baggers from Texas flying maskless on their privately-funded charter jets.

To make matters worse, a staffer in Speaker Pelosi’s office tested positive for COVID – along with White House staff as well. How many White House staff is unclear as press secretary Jen Psaki would not elaborate.

Then on Wednesday, Texas State Rep Donna Howard, one of the six COVID-infected Flee-baggers, without an ounce of self-awareness, took to Twitter to declare that “we” need to follow the science. She demanded that Texas “change course” and “allow for universal mask-wearing” in order to prevent the spread of the delta variant – including children under twelve that cannot get the vaccine.

Howard was in the front row in one of the “Aboard our Privately-Funded Charter Flight” selfies – maskless.

She could always fly back to Texas and introduce a bill requiring “universal” mask-wearing.

Wait. No. She won’t do that as she might get arrested.

If Howard feels so strongly about “universal” mask-wearing, why wasn’t she wearing a mask aboard that chartered flight?

The answer is simple. Donna Howard doesn’t really care about “the science.” Like the rest of the Texas flee-baggers, she cares about Twitter followers and retweets. She’s staked out her territory among the far Left denizens of Twitter, and is playing to the crowd in hopes she can increase her social media profile – all with an eye on raising campaign cash.