Democrat Wants Drag Queen Shows In Every School, Dismaying Voters

( Elections sometimes have the strange ability to compel a person to blurt out what they think will enhance them in the eyes of their party. Dana Nessel has found out her idiotic stance is not as popular as she thought. She, herself, might not believe what she professes. But left-wing candidates fall into the trap time and time again.

Drag queens should be present in “every school,” Michigan Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel blurted in June.

According to a recent survey, Michigan voters disagree.

According to a study done in October for the Michigan Freedom Fund by the Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group, 63 percent of registered Michigan voters are less likely to support Nessel because of her remark that “drag queens for every school” was appropriate.

Fifty-five percent of those voters indicated that the remark made them “much less likely” to support Nessel, while only 8 percent stated they were “slightly less likely” to do so.

Even in intensely blue Detroit, where 59 percent of respondents indicated it made them less likely to support Nessel, the Democrat’s contentious remark, which was made during a Michigan Department of Civil Rights education summit, played poorly.

Statewide, only 12% of voters stated they were more likely to support Nessel due to the statement.

Controversy is nothing new to her. Nessel, whose two Bloody Marys at the Michigan-Michigan State football game in October 2021 left her drunk and passed out in the stands, is in a tight race for reelection against Republican opponent Matthew DePerno.

Nessel has now claimed that her comment about a drag queen was a joke; her campaign did not respond to a request for comment. However, the Democrat’s speech in June generally supported the notion of letting drag queens be around children, and Nessel also claimed that a staff member had instructed her “not to speak about drag queens,” indicating that they knew it would cause political backlash.

“Let me say this: Drag queens don’t harm our children and improve everything. Drag queens are enjoyable. Drag queens provide amusement, “said Nessel.