Democrat Urges Haley To Stay In Race

ABC News contributor Donna Brazile last weekend suggested that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley should remain in the race, arguing that she wasn’t far behind Trump in the delegate count, The Hill reported.

During the panel discussion at the end of ABC’s “This Week” on January 28, Brazile, the former DNC chairwoman, pointed out that only 15 percent of registered Republicans in Iowa showed up at the January 15 caucus. She said while Trump received over 50 percent support from that 15 percent, he failed to win over moderate Republicans and independents.

Brazile suggested that Haley could make inroads among moderates and independents if she engaged in “a lot of retail politics.”

She noted that the Republican nominee needed to get 1,215 delegates to secure the nomination and so far, Trump only has 32 while Haley has 17.

Brazile suggested that the situation would be different if Nikki Haley were a man. She said nobody would be demanding that a man drop out of the race “after he’s accrued a couple delegates.”

Following Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, Republicans in Congress began calling on Nikki Haley to drop out of the race and endorse the presumptive nominee.

During his victory speech after winning New Hampshire, Trump also pressured Haley to drop out.

In a Truth Social post, Trump also threatened to “permanently bar” anyone who would continue to donate to Haley’s campaign.

A member of the Republican National Committee even proposed a resolution that would declare Trump the presumptive nominee. However, the resolution was scrapped after pushback.

While Nikki Haley should be well-positioned in her home state of South Carolina, the most recent poll out of the state shows her 26 points behind Trump among South Carolina primary voters.

The Real Clear Politics national polling average shows Trump 54 points over Haley, 72.7 percent to 18.7 percent.