Democrat Star Says He Might Blacklist Journalist Over Question

( Newly-elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams caused a stir this week when he hosted a press conference in Albany, the capital city of New York, and argued that the only reason he gets criticism in the press is that so many journalists are white.

Adams offered a lot of hope for the people of New York, but after failing to lift the vaccine mandates, going soft on crime, and calling for the people of New York to switch to vegan diets, it seems as though that change might not be coming. And now he’s race-baiting, too.

The press conference was held a day after Adams met with various New York State officials to discuss his policy agenda. Various major news networks reported that Adams struggled to make headway with the other officials, and he effectively admitted this by publicly expressing his frustration about resistance to the “criminal justice reform” proposals he had put forward.

During the press conference, Adams seemed to lose his temper over reporting from New York Daily News. He hit back at their claims his meeting with state officials was tense, insisting that there was “no arguing, no yelling, no screaming.”

He then went on a rampage, claiming that he might stop taking “off-topic” questions from reporters and then insisted that he would be getting better press if more journalists were Black.

It’s a classic excuse for left-wing politicians when things aren’t going their way.

“I’m a Black man that’s the mayor but my story is being interpreted by people who don’t look like me. We got to be honest about that. How many Blacks are in the editorial boards?” he wrote.

Well, actually, if Adams looked at the statistics he’d know that the percentage of journalists across the country who are Black is not wildly different from the percentage of American citizens who are Black.

Roughly 7% of the United States population is Black, and around 5.4% of journalists are “Black or African American.”

That’s…pretty representative.

How high does that percentage need to be for Adams to accept criticism as fair?