Democrat Star Humiliated On Stage

( New York City Mayor Eric Adams has had a rough start to his first term as mayor.

During an appearance at Madison Square Garden on Martin Luther King Day, the new mayor was heckled by a sports enthusiast who was only there to watch a New York Knicks game. As the mayor was speaking, a member of the audience could be heard loudly exclaiming, “shut the f*ck up!”


Mayor Adams was speaking before a game between the Charlotte Hornets and Knicks began. He praised the work Dr. King did in the fight for civil rights, stating that he “gave his life to ensure that our country would be a better place for all of us.”

Adams, who appeared to be parroting the usual Democrat line that the fight for civil rights is not over, was rudely interrupted by the fan and a subsequent echo of laughter throughout the stadium.

He continued with his speech however, and said that the ball is in our hands as the city deals with COVID, crime, and uncertainty.

“Let’s win this for team New York, for team America. Let’s take the ball,” he said.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the “shut the f*ck up” line. You’ll also notice some groans after he promised to fight COVID.

What does his speech even mean?

And on the topic of crime, what makes Mayor Adams an authority on this matter? Particularly when his new District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has committed to dropping prosecutions of “minor” cases including resisting arrest, trespass, prostitution, and more?

Would Dr. King really endorse making the lives of Black Americans – and Black New Yorkers – worse by encouraging crime in their neighborhoods?