Democrat Senator Says He’s ‘Horrified’ at Biden’s Debate Performance

The first presidential debate was held on June 27th. Conducted by CNN, the debate was perhaps the earliest known incidence in which a national discourse between the two prospective candidates for the presidency occurred- both men representing the major parties currently have not even been formally declared nominees as of yet. The former 45th President Donald Trump and the incumbent commander in chief Joe Biden went head to head, and the results were clear for many voters and listeners and transparently demonstrated in many follow up polls after the dust settled. The incumbent President Joe Biden often appeared confused and disjointed when making his responses. Donald Trump, while far from perfect, clearly emerged as the stronger candidate. A CBS poll following the debate claimed that a record number of voters (72%) said Biden is not cognitively fit for the presidency. 

The debate was a worrisome event for Democrats, and many have openly begun to call for an alternate candidate to run for the presidency besides Biden. Despite this, currently Biden remains the frontrunner for the party’s nomination. Biden, although vulnerable, enjoys the advantage of the incumbency and maintains the support of a majority of Democratic voters. Biden also does not face any significant resistance or opposition to his nomination, and the only challenger which has gained a little traction against him is Robert Kennedy Jr., who did not even qualify for the debate and is running now as an Independent. Kennedy Jr. has been generally received in a more favorable light by Republican voters than Democratic ones, a clear indicator that the party has truly become a far-left, progressive machine supported by wealthy coastal elites and not working citizens which had previously been its historic base. 

As the months continue to wind down, the cycle will heat up. One Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island joined the chorus of progressives slamming Biden, claiming he was horrified by Bidens performance.