Democrat Refuses To Back Joe Biden For 2024

( In a recent interview on Fox News, Ohio Democrat Senate candidate, Congressman Tim Ryan, refused to say if he would support Joe Biden running for reelection in 2024.

Ryan appeared on Fox’s “America Reports” last Wednesday where host Sandra Smith raised current polling among Democrat voters that shows the vast majority do not want President Biden to run again in 2024.

After citing a poll that showed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tying Biden in a hypothetical primary match-up, Smith asked Ryan if he supported Biden’s reelection bid.

The cagey Democrat congressman wouldn’t answer the question.

Instead, Ryan said right now his focus is on his campaign for the Senate. Then he launched into the typical campaign talking points, telling Smith that he’s polling ahead of Republican challenger JD Vance and he’s working really hard to win. He told Smith if she wanted to discuss his Senate campaign, he would “be happy to comment.”

But Smith wasn’t going to let him off that easy.

She brought up how Ryan skipped President Biden’s recent event in Ohio and asked what kind of message his absence sent.

Ryan claimed he had other obligations in the state, saying he had “commitments in southern Ohio” and he wasn’t going to back out on voters to appear with Biden.

Ryan’s problem is obvious. Ohio is a deep, red state and Joe Biden is deeply unpopular there.

Despite his voting record, Ryan is trying to portray himself as a “moderate” man of the people. The last thing he needs is to be seen next to a wildly unpopular president who is pushing a far-Left radical agenda – the very agenda Tim Ryan consistently votes for.

But to admit this would ruin the narrative.

Unfortunately for Ryan, after his interview, the panel on “America Reports” shredded him over his attempts to distance himself from the president: