Democrat Publicly Roasted By GOP Leader After Ignorant Comment

In a recent Homeland Security Committee hearing on border security, tensions flared between Republican New York Rep. Anthony D’Esposito and Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman. The clash arose when Goldman questioned the witnesses’ expertise and suggested they avoid speaking about the migrant crisis.

Goldman began his remarks by calling into question the relevance of the hearing, stating that it seemed more fitting for the New York City Council than the Congress of the United States. He also highlighted a previous bill that he believed focused solely on New York. In his view, the witnesses were present due to their alleged friendship with D’Esposito rather than their expertise on immigration policy.

The exchange escalated as Goldman sparred with Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman over issues such as vetting procedures for migrants and their impact on local crime. Meanwhile, D’Esposito criticized Goldman for undermining the credibility of the witnesses.

D’Esposito reminded everyone present that the hearing was explicitly focused on emergency management and technology to assess the impact of the border crisis on preparedness. He emphasized that the hearing was not about immigration but the failed policies of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden. D’Esposito expressed gratitude to the three republican witnesses whom he believed were experts in emergency management and well-equipped to handle the ongoing crisis.

New York City has faced a significant influx of illegal migrants in recent months following Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to bus migrants out of the state. In response to the rising costs associated with the migrant crisis, Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced budget cuts, including the closure of libraries and a freeze on police hiring.

As the hearing unfolded, it became apparent that the issue of immigration was a contentious one, with conflicting viewpoints and concerns over appropriate expertise. The clash between D’Esposito and Goldman shed light on the broader debate surrounding the border crisis and its impact on emergency management.