Democrat Pays To Fly “Ha Ha” Banner Over Trump’s Home After Raid

( Following the FBI raid on Wednesday, a Florida man hired a plane to fly a banner reading “Ha ha ha ha ha” above the residence of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.
According to NBC Miami, the stunt occurred as Trump’s fans gathered outside the house to criticize the FBI’s conduct. Trump’s home was raided by FBI agents last Monday.

The cost to have the banner flown close to the estate for several hours, according to Florida man and friends, was $1,800.

Kennedy identified himself as an organizer, writer, immigrant, and member of the Democrat National Committee on what looked to be his Twitter page.

Kennedy said it brought him a lot of joy to do it, and he would repeat it.

Florida man claimed that the statement on the banner was intended for Trump and his fans who had gathered on the Southern Boulevard Bridge close to the house. Kennedy remarked to NBC about the crowd saying, “Honestly, go do something better with your time.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Florida man also shared a picture of the sign on Twitter and asked people to retweet it.
Apparently, Kennedy didn’t take his own advice to do something better with his time. He and his friends wasted two grand on a stunt that no one noticed. And they carbon-polluted the climate, too!
Bless his heart.
According to a recent Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey, the majority of Americans claimed the raid on Trump’s house motivated them to cast their ballots in the midterm elections.
According to reports, as a result of the raid, which enraged the Conservative base, top Republicans have asked for an investigation.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated that Attorney General Merrick Garland should save records and clear his schedule as the GOP will look into the raid if they retake the majority. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert made similar promises in a video posted to Twitter.