Democrat NYC Mayor Calls Police To Report Violence

( Only hours into his first day in office, the brand new New York City Mayor Eric Adams hit the news when his team released footage of him calling 911 to report a brawl that was taking place at a train station in Brooklyn.

Just hours after being sworn in, Adams was filmed standing on the J train subway station platform watching as three men argued and ultimately began fighting. He was traveling to City Hall in Manhattan, without his security team, but surrounded by journalists. It was a perfect opportunity for him to appear on camera doing something good and setting the tone for his first term as mayor.

Adams didn’t identify himself as the new mayor of the city when he called 911, but told authorities that there was an “assault in progress of three males.”

Five minutes later, two squad cars of police officers arrived – but by then, all the men who were involved in the fight had left. The cops soon left the scene too, and no further investigations into the fight took place. Adams argued to journalists that the police officers should have “made inquiries” about the incident.

Okay, we get it, Adams wants people to know that he’s tough on crime – but when the police are being defunded by Democrats, how are they expected to have the time and resources required to make inquiries into a minor scuffle that took place in a city already suffering through a massive crime wave?

Unless Adams starts increasing funding and resources for police officers, we can mark this one down as a publicity stunt…