Democrat Leader Tells Gun Supporters To Kill Themselves In Vile Rant

( Rep. John Kowalko of Delaware urged a conservative supporter of gun rights known as “C-Dawg Rowe” that he and his fellow advocates should kill themselves. The subject of the discussion on Facebook was masks. Since Kowalko hails from Newark, it should come as no surprise that he supports the use of slave masks. Kowalko has apologized in the past for the offensive and nasty comments he has posted on several social media platforms.

Kowalko said to C-Dawg Rowe, “I’ve got a recommendation for you and your fellow gun enthusiasts.” He then explained what he meant.

He said that instead of putting on a mask, put the barrel of your gun in your mouth. Perhaps the 14 youngsters who were shot and died in Texas would have been spared the dangers posed by the virus as well as “you insane, small-penis gun fondlers.”

The political figure from Delaware’s comment was consistent with his previous online behavior.

John Kowalko unleashed a foul-mouthed rant over the state of Delaware’s minimum wage in the month of January 2020. The email sent on New Year’s Day targeted his Republican opponents and other Delaware Democrats who, in Kowalko’s opinion, do not go far enough to the left.

Kowalko wrote- Eff all the R’s and D’s that voted for Republican State Rep. Mike Ramone’s ‘training wage’ and ‘young person’ wage exemptions to the minimum wage law. Eff the House Speaker for not getting Kim Williams’ and my bill to remove Ramone’s exemptions out of committee and on the floor for a vote to repeal Ramone’s exemptions. Eff the House Speaker. Eff Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and his unmitigated falsehood (personally to my face) that we had made some type of pledge to the Republicans to win their vote on the Bond Bill two years ago (an utter and unadulterated lie).

An increase in the minimum wage in nearby New Jersey served as the impetus for the email, which concluded with the following message:

“Oh, by the way, have a Happy New Year all of you greedy bastards out there.”

John Kowalko, who has served in this position since 2006, has announced that he will step down at the conclusion of his tenure.

Maybe he will attend anger management.