Democrat Governor Secretly Connected To Chinese Communist Groups

( A new report by The National Pulse just revealed the shocking truth about Democratic Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown – she is connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

As part of the outlet’s ongoing exposes of Democrat connections to the CCP, the National Pulse revealed how Brown previously took part in events that were sponsored by propaganda organizations owned by the CCP that are designed to promote China globally and spread disinformation.

The National Pulse claims that the Oregon Governor has a “long history of collaboration” with groups connected to the United Front Work Department.

Specifically, Brown attended the China-U.S. Governors Forum in 2015, an event that was singled out by the State Department for having a “subversive” influence in the United States. She also allegedly has strong connections to the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), which was also acknowledged by the State Department to be a “public face” of the CCP’s United Front.

According to CPAFFC, Brown used her time speaking at the event to promise that Oregon would “enhance cooperation with China.” They also revealed how she was one of six American governors to sign a deal with the Chinese government to work together on “clean technology and economic development.”

Which is interesting, given China’s obvious lack of interest in protecting the environment.

Brown also reportedly met with the vice president of CPAFFC, Lin Yi, a month after the event. During the meeting, Brown is said to have described remarks made by Chinese President Xi Jinping as “encouraging” and said that she believes in promoting “pragmatic cooperation” with China in areas like technology, science, and education.

Which is exactly what CPAFFC was founded to do.

Why are so many Democrats tied up with this propaganda program, and why is nobody talking about this?