Democrat Candidate’s Wife Attacks Washington Post For Made-Up Stories

( The wife of Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman was BIG MAD that the usually supportive Washington Post had the audacity to publish an editorial demanding that her husband agree to more debates and come clean about his health.

The Washington Post editorial, published on September 12, argued that John Fetterman should debate Republican challenger Mehmet Oz more than once. It called out the lumbering oaf for dodging and ducking debates for weeks before finally agreeing to a single debate a week before the November election, “well after” early voting begins.

The editorial highlighted how Fetterman has appeared “confused” on the campaign trail, noting that he “keeps his remarks short” and refuses to hold any press conferences.

The editorial board argues that Fetterman owes it to voters to be open and transparent about his medical issues and any related limitations the stroke has caused.

And in an interview with WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh several days later, his wife Gisele Fetterman accused the paper of only publishing the editorial for “clicks.”

Watch HERE.

Sure, that’s all it is. Trying to get “clicks.”

It has nothing to do with the fact that her husband had a stroke that has left him so debilitated that when he does speak, what comes out is often incomprehensible gibberish.

Just the other day, Fetterman appeared on MSNBC with the very supportive Chris Hayes. And when Hayes asked him how he was feeling, Fetterman gave this completely bizarre response: