Democrat Candidate Was Forced To Get A “24-Hour Fishing License” To Shoot An Ad

( The most recent reelection ad for Sen. Michael Bennet (D, Colorado) shows him dressed for the outdoors, putting a fly fishing line into the Arkansas River. Local records indicate that the multimillionaire businessman isn’t exactly a typical fisherman. The campaign got a one-day fishing license to film the advertisement.

The new ad, Bennet’s second in the last month, shows him taking in Colorado’s natural beauty. It’s an effort to dispel the notion that the two-term legislator is a rich D.C. insider.
The ad will air for two weeks across Colorado as part of a $1.2 million ad campaign launched mid-July.

According to Colorado Republican strategist Dick Wadhams, the worst sin a candidate can commit is to come across as disingenuous.  Wadhams believes Bennet comes dangerously near to accomplishing that. Bennet will be forced to explain.

Bennet is running against a former carpenter and construction CEO Joe O’Dea in the race for reelection. During his term in the Senate, Bennet’s net worth increased by millions. Republicans hope Bennet’s seat will be competitive due to Biden’s record low popularity rating.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Bennet consistently casts his votes in favor of Biden 98 percent of the time.

According to reports, Bennet is being painted by O’Dea’s campaign as a politician who relocated to another state to benefit from his position as a senator. In a recent Tweet, O’Dea’s campaign said that as the ordinary Coloradan struggles to pay for food, Bennet is checking his stock portfolio. Bennet’s financial disclosure forms show his net worth is $31 million. Those same filings say that a sizeable portion of that money is held in Cayman Islands hedge funds, making comprehensive accounting challenging.

A media report reveals voters were deceived by Bennet’s initial advertisement on the source of his campaign funding. Despite his campaign finance reports indicating otherwise, Bennet maintains that he does not take funds for his campaign from corporate PACs or government lobbyists.

After garnering just 164 votes in the Iowa caucuses and less than 1,000 in the New Hampshire primary,  Bennet withdrew from the 2020 presidential election.

Michael Bennet appears to be an elitist who uses politics as a cash cow.