Democrat Candidate Promises To Get Rid Of The Filibuster

( Democratic Sen. Patty Murray Party of Washington, who is running for reelection against Republican Tiffany Smiley in a race that turns out to be closer than anyone anticipated, has pledged to “codify Roe” if she is allowed to serve in the Senate again.

During the discussion on Sunday evening in Spokane, Washington, Murray stated her belief that every woman should be free to make her own healthcare choices about her own family, working with her doctors, her faith, and her own needs.

She said that “they overturned a precedent that had been in place for the past fifty years,” which caused “chaos” in our country and women’s lives. She said because they cannot access reproductive healthcare in their home states, many women go to Washington state to receive treatment.

Murray also advocated for the viewpoint that abortions “save lives and benefit women,” and he claimed that women who seek abortions are being threatened with arrest.

The Democrat stated that she would be willing to support ending the filibuster to codify the controversial abortion case. She said Smiley favors using the filibuster because, in her words, it “balances the power” in the Senate.

Smiley stated that although there are outstanding individuals on all sides of this issue, she does not support a federal ban on abortion.

Smiley, who supported the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, explained her position by stating that the decision handed the power to the people, and that’s where she believes it belongs.

She also stated that she would guarantee that women have access to health care, access to affordable contraception, and childcare and ensure that pregnancy is not a ticket to poverty.

She proceeded by saying that Murray’s goal “would be taxpayer-funded abortion on demand up to the point of birth,” adding that “there is one extreme on this issue, and it’s Sen. Murray because if she had it her way, she would change the will of the voters.”

After that, Smiley questioned Senator Murray on whether or not she supported any legal restrictions on abortion, but the senator did not respond.