Democrat Attorney General Admits His “Woke” Policies Aren’t Working 

( Nevada’s Attorney General, a Democrat, Aaron Ford, famously spoke in support of a measure in 2019 that would have prevented law enforcement from adequately prosecuting and sentencing offenders. Because of this rule, law enforcement had their hands tied, and morale in the police force went down as criminals got more emboldened. 

Democrats seem to think if you’re nice to criminals, they will be nice to society. No. The opposite is true. 

Ford had actively supported these asinine “woke” measures but now publicly opposes them. After years of advocating for restrictions that would make it harder to imprison criminals, he has now admitted that his efforts have been futile. 

On March 2nd, however, Ford introduced legislation that would give his agency the authority to “identify and prosecute organized retail theft offenses.” Now, he claims the legislation is “necessary” because of the rising crime rate in his state.  

The measure has been introduced in the House. 

Nevada’s crime rate has been on the rise for some time. On the Las Vegas Strip alone, property offenses have increased by 15% since these “woke” restrictions were enacted, while thefts from pharmacies have increased by 39%. 

For years, progressive district attorneys have advocated “woke” agendas that have been widely discredited as ineffective. Many progressive ideas sound nice but cannot work in the real world. 

Analysis has found that DAs who accepted money from George Soros, a wealthy donor, had a negative impact on national crime rates. Forgiving criminals has never been successful. Period. 

The most recent admission by Attorney General Ford shows that criminals in the United States should receive no special treatment from the justice system and absolutely not designed by policy.  

It’s essential to take a firm stance against criminals. The fact that this is even being discussed should give us all reason for concern.