Deadly Shootout at Wichita Massage Parlor Leaves One Dead

At the site of the shooting at a massage parlor in southeast Wichita on Wednesday afternoon, Wichita police patrol east Capt. Chad Beard confirmed one man’s death and another’s hospitalization.

The Beijing massage parlor, located in the 2700 block of Boulevard Plaza, close to the junction of Lincoln and George Washington Blvd, was the scene of a police response at around 3:30 p.m.

Upon arrival, the parlor was searched by the police, and they discovered two men, one 44 years old and the other 70 years old, located inside. 

Police checked for vital signs, and the younger man had succumbed to his gunshot wounds while the other man was transported to the hospital. According to Beard, he is scheduled to have surgery and should make a full recovery.

Beard said the 911 call was placed from inside the parlor, suggesting that more individuals could have been there. It is not known if the injured employee made the call.

Robexy Figueroa, 44, of Wyoming, was allegedly armed with a revolver when he tried to rob the parlor, according to Wichita police.

Police reports show that the employee resisted the robbery, and it sparked an argument between Figueroa and a 71-year-old male, which escalated into shooting. The would-be robber was killed on the spot.

Beard said according to what they know so far, the deceased male was trying to rob the business while armed, and there was a gunfight. 

With Wednesday’s killing, the city now has at least 21 murders for the year. Last year, there were twelve around this time.

According to Wichita police, on Wednesday afternoon, the 71-year-old massage parlor employee opened fire on an armed robber, and the matter will be forwarded to the office of the district attorney for evaluation.

Charges are not expected to be filed.