Dangerous Kidnapper Receives Lengthy Sentence

On January 9, Jason Daniels, 43, from Maidenhead, illegally entered his victim’s home in Staines-upon-Thames and confined him with duct tape. 

A 67-year-old man was kidnapped by a dangerous criminal who broke into his home, bound him, and held him for three days. The kidnapper was given a 14-year prison term. 

The heartless criminal abducted the 67-year-old and held him at knifepoint, demanding money.

After taping the victim’s wrists and ankles together and covering his eyes and mouth, he was left motionless on his bed.

When Daniels came to release the man, he coerced him into wiring a large quantity of money to his account.  

The man was threatened with danger to his sons unless he complied. 

The victim was taken to a Maidenhead parking garage with many levels. Then he was born into a building where he lived and blinded again.

He was then pressured into making many transfers to Daniel’s bank account, claiming the funds were for house improvements. 

When the victim’s son checked on his dad, he discovered his father looking sick and said someone was in the bedroom, leading police to the kidnapper. 

Detectives with the Surrey Police Department have labeled Daniels as an exceedingly dangerous and ruthless guy, like something out of a psychological thriller. 

After being found guilty of kidnapping, robbery, and false imprisonment at Kingston Crown Court, Daniels was given a 14-year prison term. 

Daniels let his victim see his son at his house to convince him everything was alright. The son had tried calling his dad many times but had been unsuccessful.

Daniels concealed the 67-year-old in a ground-floor bedroom of his Staines-upon-Thames home while he spoke with the victim’s son to comfort him.

When the boy saw his father looked unwell and was pointing to the bedroom, the effort to soothe him down backfired. 

When the ambulance arrived, the sufferer told the medics that he had been abducted and kept for three days against his will and that his son had made the emergency call. 

While driving the victim’s Range Rover near the victim’s residence, Daniels was apprehended by Thames Valley Police.

The penalties for his convictions—kidnapping for 14 years, false imprisonment for 14 years, robbery for 14 years, and possession of a blade for two years and eight months—will run consecutively. 

According to the punishment handed down to Daniels today, the victim endured a profoundly traumatic circumstance, as the investigating officer, Detective Constable Claire Catcheside, described.

The only place for a guy as deadly and heartless as this one is behind bars, and that’s where he’ll stay for the foreseeable future.