D.C. Police Say There Is National Effort To Block Police

(FreedomBeacon.com)- No matter how hard President Joe Biden tries to paint the Republicans as the side that wants to defund the police, it will never be true. We know that from the Democrats’ repeated calls for the defunding of the police through 2020, and now it’s also been confirmed by Washington, D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee who said this week that law enforcement officials are struggling to hire new officials and don’t have the resources they need.

He also said that there have been “intentional efforts” to defund his police department which has prompted a sudden spike in the number of gun crime incidents in the city.

Speaking to Fox News on Friday, Police Chief Contee said that his department has been warning that this might happen for years, stating that they don’t have the ability to hire new officers and have a “defined amount” of resources to handle a city that “continues to grow.”

If Biden is committed to funding the police, then why isn’t he responding to calls from America’s police officers to increase resources?

And why isn’t D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser listening?

Probably because the Democrats believe in defunding the police…

Earlier in the week, Chief Contee also said that the Metropolitan Police Department was lacking some 215 officers. He described how after 2020, when calls to defund the police grew louder across the country, the number of police officers in his department dropped from 3,800 to 3,460 in one year.

It’s not so surprising, given that city leaders reduced funding for his department by $15 million, and Mayor Bowser’s budget for fiscal year 2022 doesn’t include any extra funding for the police department despite providing an additional $40 million for various public safety initiatives.

You can read more about this DC police chief’s concerns here.