D.C. Finally Tackles Social Media Accounts Of Terrorists

(FreedomBeacon.com)- A new bill introduced to the House of Representatives by Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn, titled the No Publicity for Terrorists Act, would stop social media companies from allowing terrorist organizations from all over the world to publish commentary and statements on their platforms.

The No Publicity for Terrorists Act is a Republican effort to stop Islamic terrorist organizations, and other groups, from promoting themselves on social media.

If the bill passes, it would slap $50,000 fines on social media platforms for every terrorist organization allowed to post on their platforms, as well as their supporters.

In a statement to the Washington Free Beacon, Cawthorn defended the plan as a way of holding social media companies accountable.

“Big Tech is scared to death of a MAGA reemergence in America. They know they won’t win the argument on policy or politics, so they have moved to silence, deplatform, and ban prominent conservative voices, including President Donald Trump,” he said.

Cawhtorn added that the social media giants have already proven their “outrageous bias” by allowing terrorist organizations to continue posting on major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, while former President Donald Trump and thousands of conservatives have been banned.

“ My legislation holds them accountable for their assault on conservatives and exposes their outrageous double standard,” Cawthorn said.

But there’s a problem here, isn’t there?

If Republicans pass legislation that forces social media platforms to remove terrorists, then it’s only a matter of time before the Democrats in the White House or in Congress pass new legislation or deem perfectly normal conservative groups and organizations to be “terrorist entities.”

And when they do that, even more conservatives will be removed from social media.

What’s more, the legislation also gets rid of a key point of hypocrisy that can be used to prove why Big Tech is a problem.

What do you think – is Rep. Cawthorn inadvertently helping Big Tech with this bill?