Criminal Network Compromises Nurses Phone To Create Fake COVID IDs

( Tens of thousands of fake COVID-19 vaccine cards have been discovered in France following a massive hacking incident.

On Wednesday, Thirteen people were arrested after allegedly hacking into the account of an anonymous nurse who works in Angers, France. After the hack, the attackers then created over 60,000 fake COVID-19 passes using the data they obtained in the hack.

Eight of those who were arrested were discovered by authorities in Lyon, and the rest were located in Paris. The names of everybody involved have been kept secret for now, but we do know that all those involved were aged 22 to 29.

The nurse wasn’t the only one hacked, either. A French insurance company connected to the nurse was also hacked and it was only revealed after thousands of unauthorized COVID passes were made and fraudulently approved by their organization.

According to official estimates, more than 62,000 passes could have been handed out.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened in France, either. A week earlier, a couple was arrested in Lyon and later charged with selling thousands of faker COVID passes. They had obtained the data and approval they needed for the fake passes by hacking the account of another French nurse, this time from Gironde.

The fact that French criminals are going to this extent is an indication of just how many French people are unhappy with the nation’s strict vaccine ID requirements. The national “health pass” is compulsory in many places across the country, restricting access to most stores, restaurants, and public spaces.