Cracker Barrel To Depart Portland As Crime Spirals 

( The business scene in Portland, Oregon, has deteriorated to the point that even Cracker Barrel had to leave. The exodus follows on the heels of the departing Applebee’s and Walmart. 

The quaint eatery, Cracker Barrel, is closing all of its Portland metro area sites due to the post-pandemic economy, while Walmart is closing stores due to thievery and public safety concerns. 

According to a company spokeswoman, Cracker Barrel’s regular operating procedure includes continuously evaluating their locations’ performance and utilizing numerous criteria to ensure they are serving the requirements of their visitors and their business. 

“In light of this, we regret to announce that our Beaverton, Tualatin, and Bend shops will be closing.”  

Store closures are “never one we take lightly,” the spokesperson said, adding the company’s immediate priority is to help affected workers through the change. 

Although the spokesperson didn’t blame violence, many businesses have left the riot-torn, Democratically-run city since 2020. There have been claims that residents have abandoned their homes because of the city’s worsening safety and living conditions. 

CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, foresaw the December exodus from the crime-ridden city. Stealing is a problem, he said to CNBC. He said it’s higher than it’s ever been before. 

The Green Zebra stores in progressive Portland, founded in the local cultural style, are closing after ten years in business. They had been cited as evidence that a movement from chains to mom-and-pop firms may be at play. But everyone is affected. 

CEO Lisa Sedlar said she had “fought the good fight” but could not continue doing so because the company was “holding on by a thread” since the pandemic began and had been in austerity mode since. 

She said the price of everything from raw materials to finished items to packaging, transportation, taxes, and insurance has increased for nine consecutive quarters.  

Thanks, Joe. The economy is doing great!