CPP Victim Releases Open Letter To World Leader

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The Sheridan College Student Union in Canada wrote a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on behalf of a student who fled China out of fear of being persecuted for her spiritual beliefs. And now the student has released the letter publicly.

Lucy Liu, a digital animation prodigy at Sheridan College, is a practitioner of the peaceful meditative practice known as Falun Gong which espouses the tenets “truth, compassion, and tolerance.”

Lucy’s mother, Yan Liu, a University professor, “disappeared” and was imprisoned by the Communist Chinese for practicing Falun Gong. Under the CCP religious minorities like Yan Liu are subjected to torture, forced labor, abuse, death, and even the harvesting of organs.

Since she disappeared, neither Yan Liu’s family nor her attorney has been able to contact her.

The letter signed by Sheridan College Student Union President Kyle Budge urges Prime Minister Trudeau to condemn these “illegal detentions” in China and asks Trudeau to push for the release of Lucy Liu’s mother.

According to the Epoch Times, neither Lucy Liu nor the Sheridan College student union has received a response from Prime Minister Trudeau.

Lucy Liu contacted the editor of the Epoch Times and expressed her dismay that countries are participating in the Beijing Olympics. She expressed disgust that as China rolls out the red carpet to the world, her mother is being held in a detention center because of her spiritual beliefs “and her peaceful pursuit of freedom and conscience.”

Liu told the Epoch Times that while most families are celebrating Chinese New Year, her family, along with “thousands of other Falun Gong practitioners” has been “torn apart.”

She marveled at the irony of Beijing promising that hosting the Olympic Games would help build a “peaceful and better world” while at the same time Beijing is persecuting its own people for “engaging in a peaceful movement.”

Liu told the Epoch Times that China hosting the Olympics has “cast a dark shadow in my heart.”