CPAC Suspended From Medium

( A major online publishing platform has suspended a conservative-leaning organization’s account.

This week, Newsmax reported that Medium — one of the largest publishing platforms online — said they had suspended the account of the Conservative Police Action Conference, better known as CPAC. The platform said CPAC either violated the site’s rules or is under a separate investigation.

CPAC has said that they used their page on Medium to either host articles that were related to the conference the organization held in Houston, Texas, this year. They also published content there that was produced by influencers who are affiliated with CPAC.

Following the decision by Medium to suspend CPAC’s account, Matt Schlapp, who serves as the chairman of the American Conservative Union — the group that runs CPAC — said:

“Medium joins a long list of Big Tech firms dedicated to stamping out conservative voices. The new majority next year should make them regret that.”

Medium hasn’t commented on the suspension of CPAC’s account.

The company has a connection with other social media platforms that have taken a lot of heat for silencing conservative voices. The founder of Medium, Evan Williams, was also the co-founder of Twitter, which famously permanently banned former President Donald Trump from their platform.

Maybe it should be no surprise, then, that Medium is stepping up and starting to shut down conservative voices on its publishing platform, too.

CPAC apparently knows that their content is considered controversial, and that it is likely to be the target of this type of silencing by big tech firms. Earlier in 2022, the organization switched over all of its payment processing to the firm Revere Payments. The move, according to officials at CPAC, was done to take away the “risk of being de-platformed or restricted by financial institutions taking political stances.”

That statement might have been a veiled reference to the actions of some major payment platforms such as PayPal, which has banned the accounts of some conservative organizations and individuals.

The CEO of Metrics Global, the company that runs Revere Payments, recently spoke with Fox News to talk about what their company stands for. Wendy Kinney said:

“At Revere Payments, we believe in the freedom to do business, not cancel culture. Every day, we partner with clients to eliminate their risk of being de-platformed or restricted by financial institutions taking political stances.”

It’s very possible that if Republicans are able to regain control of the House and/or the Senate following next month’s midterm elections, that they’ll target Big Tech firms, as Schlapp suggested.

Many Republicans in Congress have criticized the policies and actions of Big Tech firms in the recent past, and if they’re in control starting next year, it’s likely they’ll start to make them answer for their actions.

As The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Howell explained:

“What’s going to happen next Congress is, you’ve got to do four years of oversight in two years. That’s going to be an immense lift, and it means that they cannot wait to get these committees situation.

“Big Tech is in the crosshairs. They’re going to be subject to document requests and subpoenas and depositions.”