Court Docs Suggest Alec Baldwin Cut Corners On ‘Rust’ Safety

A recent ruling mandates Rust Movie Productions, the company behind Alec Baldwin’s film “Rust,” to submit documents for inspection as authorities examine if there were any safety oversights in an attempt to save costs.

This move came after Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armorer for “Rust,” expressed her belief via her legal representation that additional safety measures were dismissed due to budget constraints. Baldwin has faced past charges, while Gutierrez Reed remains under scrutiny for the accidental shooting that led to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ death in 2021 on the film’s set.

In response to the state’s subpoena, Rust Movie Productions labeled it an apparent attempt to bring forth new charges against Baldwin and argued that the sought-after documents were confidential. However, the judge favored the state’s request and decreed the documents be provided, unredacted, by October 20, as Fox News Digital reported.

Special prosecutors commented, “Ms. Gutierrez has pointed out her suspicions of financial considerations influencing the rejection of extra safety measures. This warrants the state’s examination into the contractual terms between Baldwin and the production firms.”

Gutierrez Reed’s attorney, Jason Bowles, criticized Rust Movie Productions for obscuring relevant details. He remarked, “One wonders why they’re seemingly holding back information.”
When Fox News Digital inquired, immediate comments were not received from representatives for Rust Movie Productions or Baldwin.

Additionally, a new charge linked to Hutchins’ fatal shooting was leveled against Gutierrez Reed in June. This was evidence tampering, adding to her previous involuntary manslaughter charge. During the unfortunate incident on the “Rust” set, a gun Baldwin held went off, resulting in Hutchins’ death.

Documents acquired by Fox News Digital suggest Gutierrez Reed intended to obstruct justice by distributing drugs to another individual. However, she pled not guilty to all allegations on August 9.

Her trial is slated for early December, with jury selections beginning a day prior. Bowles has previously expressed discontent over the new charge, considering it vindictive.

He voiced to Fox News Digital, “It’s unsettling that, even after a lengthy investigation period, a fresh charge emerges against Ms. Gutierrez Reed, lacking proper notification or substantial evidence.” He further commented on the questionable nature of the investigation, terming it as having a foul smell.

Earlier in the year, the decision for additional investigation was made by special prosecutors Jason Lewis and Kari Morrissey due to the emergence of “new facts.” Consequently, Baldwin’s initial hearing, scheduled for May, had to be postponed.

While this case has concluded in the First Judicial District Court of New Mexico, Baldwin might still be susceptible to future charges.

In other news, filming for “Rust” wrapped up in May. Acknowledging the challenging journey, Baldwin expressed gratitude towards his team, mentioning Joel Souza, the film’s first director, and Bianca Cline, the succeeding cinematographer. Baldwin termed the completion as nothing short of a “miracle.”