Core American Family Principles

Core American Family Principles

( – The United States has undergone many changes since the end of World War II, some good, some bad, some still up in the air — for example, social media. Unfortunately, many of those that changed for the worse seem to revolve around how people interact with one another. Some core American family principles have suffered and need to be re-instilled.

Mutual Respect

The idea of taking other people’s feelings into consideration seems to have fallen by the wayside in the country where it used to be one of the cornerstones of society. Children were taught to respect their elders, their teachers, and their parents, among others.

In today’s society, the news is filled with stories of teenagers in high school attacking their teachers, principals, and counselors for simply trying to enforce the rules. It’s also become almost commonplace for random attacks on the elderly, leading to injury or death.

One Home, Two Parents

Researchers have long known that children raised in households with both a mother and father tend to be better off in many areas, as opposed to those raised in single-parent households. This is not intended as a slight to the men and women who take on the Herculean task of going it alone because of circumstances beyond their control, but rather to provide information people should consider before divorcing on what sometimes seems to be a whim.

A joint committee of the US Congress recently released a report about the benefits of this kind of living arrangement for children. It tells us children growing up in this environment tend to be less likely to suffer abuse — physical, emotional, and sexual — and they have fewer run-ins with the law.

The report also notes that there’s a marked improvement in educational outcomes and lifelong earning potential. In a nutshell, the consensus is they live a more stable life and thereby become productive adults.

These are just two of the things that need to be brought back to the center of the American family unit. There are those who try to argue against this idea, but they always have one hurdle they can’t overcome — real factual data.

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