Cops Kill Woman After She Tried To Run Them Over

( A woman was fatally shot outside one of the biggest strip clubs in Dallas, Texas, after allegedly crashing her car into a security guard.

According to local media, Shalanda Anderson, 32, passed away in a hospital early on Saturday morning after a security guard, 26, shot her after Anderson reportedly trapped the guard between her car and another vehicle. Video of the event, which happened outside of the XTC Cabaret Dallas club, was posted on Twitter.

The security guard had many fractured bones and will need surgery. According to the club, a second security guard also opened fire on Anderson’s car before the driver could gravely hurt or kill others.

According to the publication, XTC club management contacted the deceased’s family to offer their sympathies and pay for her burial. Anderson’s family rejected the club’s account of what happened and protested in front of XTC on Sunday, calling for the establishment to be closed. According to a friend of Anderson’s, they were asked to leave the club following a fight about money. Anderson’s friend alleged that Anderson and her group were forced to leave the club after a fight broke out over the amount of change Anderson was owed after paying her tab.

In an effort to gather money for the siblings, Anderson’s friend, Kaye Kaye, posted on a GoFundMe page that they were crying out for Anderson’s three children, who have been left behind due to senseless gun violence.

Where is the GoFundMe page for the security guard who was hit due to senseless car violence, Kaye Kaye?

The webpage for the XTC Cabaret in Dallas boasts it is the ‘largest and top-rated all- nude 18+ strip club.’ It’s also BYOB (bring your own bottle) and is open daily until 5 AM.

It seems as though Anderson’s kids were short-changed, too.