Congressman Says FBI Was Behind January 6th, Instigated The Whole Thing

( Popular Republican congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona embarrassed fake conservative Rep. Liz Cheney on Friday, calling her a “Karen” for accusing Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson of pushing lies about the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C.

When she’s the one pushing the lie that the January 6 riot was a violent insurrection inspired by then-President Donald Trump, how can she possibly accuse Fox News’ most popular news anchor of telling lies?

Responding to the announcement of a new documentary hosted by Carlson titled “Patriot Purge,” which tells the truth about the riot and how the authorities effectively allowed it to happen – and even encouraged it – Cheney told her Twitter followers that the 2020 election was free from fraud and that January 6 wasn’t a false flag.

Gosar responded by slamming her as a “Karen” and laid down the facts.

“The violence was instigated by FBI assets,” he said. “Try to keep up.”

He encouraged Cheney to speak to Darren J Beattie, who has presented shocking evidence of federal involvement in the riots and pointed to the results of the Arizona audit that confirmed at least 50,000 votes were questionable and potentially not valid.

The tweet, however, seems to have since been removed. Why we don’t know.

Gosar objected to the certification of Arizona’s electoral college votes on the same day of the riot, in recognition of the evidence of fraud and misconduct in the state. He was one of a handful of Republican legislators brave enough to stand for democracy in the face of tyrants not just in the Democratic Party, but also in the Republican Party.

Why does Liz Cheney consider her hatred for former President Donald Trump more important than the integrity of our nation’s elections…and more important than exposing the truth behind the FBI’s encouragement of violence and law-breaking on January 6?

Darren Beattie’s reporting on Revolver News has uncovered shocking information about federal involvement in the riots and even noted how a man named Ray Epps, who has never been arrested, was seen on camera repeatedly encouraging people to go inside the Capitol Building.

Why isn’t he in jail, too?