Congressman Accuses FBI Of Planting Evidence

( Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) implied that the FBI planted evidence at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort earlier this month, which they raided.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends First, Jackson expressed skepticism about the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.  He believes the American people have lost faith in the FBI and the Department of Justice. They have been coming after Donald Trump since before he was sworn in as president, and they will not stop.

The Texas Representative remarked that it was incredible that the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago occurred. It should enrage every American and make us all fearful because this was done for several purposes. To try to smear the former president’s reputation and to make him appear unfit to run for office in the upcoming presidential election. And it was done to intimidate and scare the American people.

Jackson claimed this was a DOJ taunt. “If you don’t think we can do this to you, look what we just did to your former president.”

Jackson stated that the raid was a terrible abuse of authority, and nobody trusts the FBI or the DOJ anymore.

Jackson explained that the FBI entered Mar-a-Lago and stayed for nine hours. They entered with bags and kicked out the president’s attorneys and Secret Service officials. In his opinion, if they claimed they discovered anything, he wouldn’t know if the FBI found it there or simply claimed they found it there. He no longer had faith in the organization. The American people no longer have faith in this institution, he said.

Leftist media breathlessly report that according to the FBI affidavit, released with near black-out redactions; there were 15 boxes sent to the National Archives that included cartoonish labels like “classified,” “Confidential,” “Secret,” and “Top Secret” documents.

That’s the talking point the left-wing media was told to use.

This was a political stunt by an administration that is petrified of former President Donald J. Trump and the de-classified materials that may burn them all.