Congress Now Mandating Tech To Stop Drunk Driving In Cars

( Congress just created a brand-new requirement for car manufacturers…and that’s finding a way to stop drunk people from getting behind the wheel.

The incredible new mandate, that would force automakers to make drivers go through a series of checks before turning on their car, can be found in the massive $1 trillion infrastructure package that the president is expected to sign into law soon.

While it is pitched as a way of reducing fatalities caused by car crashes, the measure puts a huge burden on manufacturers who have consistently improved the safety of their vehicles over the decades with minimal involvement from the government.

Under the new legislation, all vehicles made after 2026 will be required to roll out new technology to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel and operating a vehicle. However, the Transportation Department must first assess different technologies and decide what would be the best option, while also ensuring that car manufacturers have enough time to implement the technology.

Some $17 billion from the package will be directed towards various road safety initiatives. It’s the biggest increase in funding for measures like this in several decades.

Alex Otte, the president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, spoke out in favor of the plan and called it “monumental.” She added that this is the “single most important legislation” for the group and that it “marks the beginning of the end of drunk driving.”

But what about the rest of the legislation that puts aside $1 trillion in funding for projects that the two parties don’t even agree are necessary?

An estimated 20,160 people died during traffic collisions in the first half of this year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Data also shows that roughly 10,000 people are killed every year because of alcohol-related crashes in the United States, which is around 30% of all traffic fatalities.

Is this idea a positive step towards saving lives, or is this more unnecessary government interference that will just make driving less convenient for those who abide by the law already?

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