CNN Star Reveals New Way To Slander Ron DeSantis

( Ever since President Donald Trump left the White House, CNN’s old White House correspondent Jim Acosta has been struggling to maintain his viewers. Without shouting at the president every day, it turns out people just aren’t interested in tuning in to hear what he has to say.

That’s likely why during a recent episode of his new show on CNN that he claimed the Delta variant of COVID-19, which originated in India and was originally named the “Indian variant,” should actually be named the “De Santis variant” after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Acosta was met with criticism from across the country after making the clearly provocative and unfair claim last Saturday.

He wrongly suggested that DeSantis’ opposition to mask mandates and further COVID restrictions was an effort to “own the libs” when the governor has actually been very clear about his intentions – namely, his commitment to ensuring that the Florida economy recovers and people don’t suffer needlessly.

Acosta said that DeSantis is “prolonging” the pandemic, despite the Democrats being the ones literally recommending that pandemic measures be extended through the rest of the year at least.

“Why not call it the DeSantis variant?” Acosta asked, in a clear attempt to drive viewers to his show.

He suggested DeSantis should sell beer koozies that say “Don’t Florida My Fauci” and that the money raised should be used to help pay for the funerals of those who die of COVID-19 in the coming days.

Notice the difference between Jim Acosta and Fox News anchors like Tucker Carlson?

Fox News anchors don’t need to lie.

Acosta just stoops lower every week…