CNN Star Given Tragic Diagnosis

( The same week that Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was diagnosed with COVID-19, CNN’s “Inside Politics” anchor John King has announced his own battle with multiple sclerosis, too.

Speaking on air, King announced that he would share a secret he has never spoken about before.

“I am immunocompromised,” he said. “I have multiple sclerosis. So I am grateful you are all vaccinated.”

King made the announcement in the wake of the death of Colin Powell, who died on Monday following a COVID-19 diagnosis. Powell suffered complications from the infection as well as multiple myeloma, which is a kind of blood cancer that made him particularly vulnerable to respiratory illnesses.

Powell’s death was controversial as he was fully vaccinated. However, he was also 84 years old and immunocompromised.

While we’re sure that all of our readers will wish King well, isn’t it important to recognize that the fact Powell died even though he was fully vaccinated indicates that the vaccine may not be as effective as we were originally told?

John Roberts, a Fox News anchor, admitted this on Twitter – before quickly deleting it. On Monday, the now-deleted post says that the fact Powell died from a COVID breakthrough infection “raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term.”

And it does. But CNN won’t mention that. And King won’t mention that, either.

Shouldn’t somebody who is immunocompromised want to know the truth about whether or not the vaccine prevents COVID-19 infections as well as we were promised they would?

On Wednesday, American regulators approved giving COVID-19 booster vaccinations to all Americans who received the Johnson & Johnson or Moderna vaccines and also confirmed that anybody who is eligible for the extra dose – meaning immunocompromised people – can safely mix vaccines.

It means that anybody who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can take a Moderna booster, and vice versa.

Just how many more boosters are immunocompromised people going to need?